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KEYOSK - 24/7 Self-Serve Vehicle Dispatch

Be responsible and stop the spread of germs. All drivers are responsible for disinfecting vehicles before and after use. Disinfecting spray and hand sanitizer are available in the dispatch lobbies.

University Fleet Management has two 24/7 “KEYOSK” self-serve dispatch systems located on City campus at 1931 N Antelope Valley Parkway and on East Campus at 35th & Fair Street. The dispatch lobbies allow 24/7 NCard access only to authorized drivers.

Personal vehicle parking is allowed at Fleet Management while traveling with a daily rental vehicle. The personal vehicle must be registered with Parking Services to park on campus, or the driver must place a printout of the daily rental reservation confirmation email on the vehicles dashboard.

Steps to dispatch keys from KEYOSK

  1. Touch screen to start.
  2. Press “Picking Up” if you are taking a vehicle.
  3. Scan Driver’s License. Place your driver’s license where the laser can scan the edge bar code on the back side of the license. Start high, right next to the scanner to activate it, then lower your license to where the laser can read the entire edge bar code.
    1. If you are having trouble scanning your license bar code, try scanning your NCard and then enter your license number when prompted.
    2. If you receive a reservation not found message.
      1. Check your pick-up date/time – vehicles are available 2 hours before and 4 hours after the scheduled time.

      2. If you are within the 6 hour window, make sure you are the named driver on the reservation.

      3. If date/time & driver are correct, use the phone adjacent to the KEYOSK or press the button on the Ring doorbell to request assistance.

  4. Review and press “Confirm” Reservation details (if information is not correct, after dispatch email autorental@unl.edu with necessary changes).
  5. Press “Confirm” you will inspect the vehicle for damage before departure.
    1. Email pictures of the vehicle number and any damage to autorental@unl.edu.
    2. Sedans & minivans are never to be used off-road. Departments are responsible for the entire cost of repair or replacement if a sedan or minivan is damaged in off-road use.
  6. Confirm you will e-Log odometer readings for each driving day.
    1. e-Log can be accessed by scanning the QR code on the fuel card holder. Failure to e-Log travel may result in an additional fee.
  7. The corresponding KEYOSK box will pop open. Take the keys and fuel card.
  8. Close the key box door firmly to complete the dispatch.

Remember to scan the QR code & e-Log mileage at the start and end of each day the vehicle is driven.

Call Nebraska DOT at 511 for road conditions.

Call LeasePlan USA (800) 323-6644 for Vehicle Emergency Roadside Assistance.

 Vehicle Return

If your vehicle cannot be returned as scheduled, call (402) 472-2659 so dispatch (if possible) can extend your reservation. Extending reservations may not be possible due to reservation commitments.

  1. Refuel the vehicle. (GASBOY Operation)
    1. Failure to refuel on return will result in additional fuel charges and fees.
  2. After refueling, park the vehicle in any stall adjacent to the street.
  3. Record ending odometer using e-Log.
  4. Remove all trash and personal items (Cell phone, computer, etc.)
  5. Use your NCard to access the dispatch lobby.

Steps to return keys to KEYOSK

  1. Touch screen to start.
  2. Press “Returning”.
  3. Enter the 3-digit vehicle number found on the key tag.
  4. Press “Confirm” you have removed all trash and personal items from the car.
    1. If you haven’t yet, please do so before completing the return.
  5. Press “Confirm” you have refueled the car completely.
    1. If you haven’t yet, please do so before completing the return. Failure to refuel on return will result in additional fuel charges and fees.
  6. Enter the odometer reading - no tenths (use e-Log look up if you don’t remember)
  7. The assigned KEYOSK door will automatically open. Place your keys in the box and firmly close the door.

We want to know if there are any vehicle or KEYOSK issues, email autorental@unl.edu or call Dispatch at (402) 472-2659 to report any issues or concerns.

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