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On Campus GASBOY Fuel Pump Operation

  1. Slide Voyager fuel card magnetic strip through slot from top to bottom.
  2. Enter pump number and press "OK".
    1. City Campus pump 1 is diesel, pumps 2 & 3 are gasohol.
    2. East Campus pump 4 is gasohol, pump 5 is regular gasoline (no alcohol).
  3. Enter odometer and press "OK".
  4. Press F3, enter driver ID (first 6 digits of your NUID) press "OK".
  5. Return Voyager card to sleeve on keys.
  6. Remove fuel pump nozzle and slide the pump activator to the on (horizontal) position.
  7. Place the pump nozzle fully into the vehicle fuel receptacle and squeeze the lever to start the flow of fuel.
  8. Fuel pump nozzle will click off when vehicle is full, do not top off vehicle, turn off fuel pump and return nozzle to holder completing the transaction.