Fleet Management COVID-19 Updates:
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Off Campus Fuel Using Voyager

  1. It is recommended drivers use “Pay at the Pump” when fueling University vehicles.
  2. Insert or slide Voyager fuel card in card reader and follow directions.
  3. After being instructed to remove card, return Voyager card to sleeve on keys.
  4. Enter driver ID (first 6 digits of your NUID) then press “Enter”.
  5. Enter odometer then press “Enter”.
  6. No receipt is needed.
  7. Remove and place the pump nozzle fully into the vehicle fuel receptacle.
  8. Select type of fuel.
  9. Squeeze the lever to start the flow of fuel.
  10. Fuel pump nozzle will click off when vehicle is full, do not top off vehicle, return nozzle to holder completing the transaction.