Fleet Management COVID-19 Updates:
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Fleet Management Policies:

  • Driving and Motor Vehicles
       Authorized Drivers
       Driver Requirements
       Authorized Passengers
       Covered University Vehicles
       Authorized Uses of University Vehicles
       Unauthorized Use of University Vehicles
       Vehicle Security
       Vehicle Hours of Operation 
       Full-size Passenger Vans
       Vehicles Requiring Commercial Driver License (CDL)
       Vehicle Driver Responsibilities
       Distracted Driving
       Out of State Travel and Travel Authorization
       Automotive Insurance and Vehicle Accident Reporting
       Use of Personal Vehicles
       Private Rental Agency Vehicles 
  • University Vehicle Management

       Utilization Standards
       Motor Vehicle Travel on Campus and Research Centers
       Vehicle Anti-Idling
       Vehicles Requiring Special Equipment

  • University Vehicle Procurement, Ownership and Rental

       Renting a Vehicle
       Return of Long Term/Permanent/Monthly Rental Vehicles

  • University Vehicle Service, Maintenance, and Repair

       Repair Approval
       Care, Maintenance, and Use
       Oil Changes
       Vehicle Safety Inspection
       Voyager Card

  • Allowable and Prohibited Voyager Credit Card Purchases