Fleet Management COVID-19 Updates:
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Fleet Management COVID-19 Info and FAQ

Does the University have any recommendations on employees driving on business concerning the COVID pandemic? Should staff drive in separate vehicles to maintain social distance?

  • We recommend one person per vehicle.
  • Vehicles that are used by more than one person, should have all touchpoints disinfected before and after each use.
  • If one person per vehicle is not possible, they should limit vehicles to no more than two people (passenger and driver), keep the travel time to a minimum (if possible less than 15 minutes), both people wear cloth face covering, both should frequently use hand sanitizer, do not use same touchpoints in the vehicle, windows should be kept fully open, HVAC fan on high with vents directed so they do not move air from one person to the other.  A department head or supervisor approval is recommended.

Do you have any insights on whether field trips will be possible this fall with 12-passenger vans? I know that at present there is a 1-person-1-vehicle rule.

  • Due to the risk of exposure to Covid-19, until further notice the use of high capacity passenger vans, minivans and SUV's to transport more than 1 person is not permitted.
  • Beginning June 2020 Fleet Management removed all large-capacity vehicles from its auto process reservation system. 
  • Rental requests can still be submitted, but to ensure the vehicle travel will meet safety requirements, the dispatcher will contact the requestor before completing the request. 

What about vehicle travel for faculty/staff/students that cohabitate (share the same residence), are they able to travel in the same vehicle?

  • Faculty/staff/students that are living in the same residence (house/apartment/hotel room) may ride in the same vehicle. This does not include faculty/staff/students who work in the same office but live at separate locations.

When will University Fleet Management hold its annual vehicle auction?

  • University Fleet Management will be utilizing a hybrid auction process, utilizing by appointment only on-site viewing along with online bidding. Additional auction information will be available online. A few vehicles will be auctioned via govdeals.com. All vehicle transfers will be completed using a no-contact method.