Fleet Management COVID-19 Updates:
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Updated Oct 12, 2021

University drivers now have a Smartphone/Tablet/Laptop compatible online mileage e-Log available for use in all University vehicles. Drivers are encouraged to start using the e-Log right away, eliminating the need to maintain paper mileage logs to document University vehicle travel. The online mileage e-Log can be found at: e-Log (https://scsapps.unl.edu/MileageLog/)

Advantages to using the online e-Log are:

Updated Sep 14, 2021
Familiarize yourself with eDriving's 10 safety tips for drivers to protect everyone from infection while driving for work purposes. When prompted, enter LPUSA19 as your password. Drivers can access the training by clicking the below link (if you're having trouble with the link, please copy the link below and paste it into a new browser window):
Updated Aug 12, 2021

All drivers of University vehicles are required to disinfect vehicles before and after each use. Instructions to disinfect are listed below:

Supplies to have available for drivers:

Disposable plastic protective gloves (or quart size plastic bags) Tube of disinfecting wipes, or 70%+ rubbing alcohol & paper towels, or Formula 409 & paper towels. (Make sure cleaners are safe for skin and won’t harm vehicle surfaces). Hand Sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol content)

Steps to disinfect:

Updated May 18, 2022

University of Nebraska vehicles traveling outside the Lincoln area are eligible for nationwide roadside assistance through a partnership with LeasePlan USA.

The partnership, organized by University of Nebraska Fleet Management, will provide vehicle maintenance and repair for University vehicles registered with LeasePlan USA.

For assistance, drivers can call 800-323-6644, after the main greeting press 3 for driver, and follow the prompts.