The purpose of travel for all University vehicles is official University business; personal use, including commuting to and from work, is not permitted.

As per Nebraska Statute 81-1025 - Each operator of a motor vehicle in which a state agency holds the title shall follow the policy and use the travel report form which shall be established by the director or designated head of the state agency owning such vehicle. The form shall include, but not be limited to, the name of the operator, the license number of the vehicle, the total daily mileage or total hours of daily operation, and any other information the director or designated head deems relevant.

Approved University of Nebraska Log Sheet (single department)

Approved University of Nebraska Log Sheet (multiple department)

For each day the vehicle is operated, record the date, starting & ending times, starting & ending odometer readings, destination/use and driver identification. Multiple drivers operating a single vehicle the same day should initial the log in sequence of operation and record their name elsewhere on the log. Do not combine multiple vehicles on a mileage log or include more than one month travel on a mileage log. Each vehicle requires an individual mileage log, and (except for short term daily rental vehicles) an individual log for each month the vehicle is operated.

Mileage logs are not required for special use vehicles (tractors, mowers, ATVs, or other non-licensable equipment).

Submitting Vehicle Operation Log

End of month odometer readings and number of days the vehicle was operated (0 to 31 days) must be submitted by the seventh day of the following month on-line at or Note: If a vehicle is not operated (driven) in the month, enter 0 (zero) days.

End of month mileage readings should be entered only by the department head or authorized agent. Upon submitting end of month mileage readings, the department head or authorized agent attests all travel has been approved by the department for University business. After transmitting end of month odometer readings to University Fleet Management, the completed mileage log MUST be retained in the department for two years and upon request copies shall be provided for inspection. Upon return of rental vehicles to University Fleet Management, the most recent mileage log must remain in the vehicle. University Fleet Management will process and retain mileage logs for returned rental vehicles.

NOTE: Failure to comply (log vehicle usage or submit end of month odometer reading) may result in a $10.00 per month administrative charge to the responsible department's cost object.