Unauthorized Use of University Vehicles

Use of a University vehicle for any of the following purposes shall be considered unauthorized and shall subject the driver to potential disciplinary action:

  1. Any use for a personal purpose, other than commuting, which has been authorized as specified in Authorized Use. Nebraska Statute No. 81-1024 states:

    "No officer or employee of the State of Nebraska shall use any motor vehicle owned by the State of Nebraska for any personal use whatsoever. Any officer or employee who shall violate any of the provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a Class V misdemeanor, and in addition thereto the officer or employee shall be deemed guilty of official misconduct in office for palpable omission of duty, and upon conviction thereof the court shall have the power to add to the judgment that any officer or employee shall be removed from office or employment."

  2. Travel or tasks which are beyond the vehicles rated capability. (i.e.: Loads exceeding vehicle GVWR, exceeding trailer tow capacity, off road usage, etc.)
  3. Transport of family, friends, associates, or other persons who are not employees of the University or serving the interest of the University.
  4. Transport of hitchhikers
  5. Transport of cargo which has no relation to the performance of official University business.
  6. Transport of acids, explosives, weapons, ammunition, or highly flammable material, except by specific authorization or in an emergency situation.
  7. Transport of any item or equipment projecting from the side, front or rear of the vehicle in a way which constitutes an obstruction to safe driving or a hazard to pedestrians or to other vehicles.
  8. Transport of employees or students from the workplace to restaurants, cafes, drugstores or to other places which are not in the service of University business.
  9. Attending sporting events, including hunting and fishing, which are not in the service of University business.
  10. Extending the length of time the vehicle is in the driver's possession beyond that which is required to complete the official purpose of the trip.
  11. Operating a University vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.