Service, Maintenance and Repair

Comprehensive maintenance and repair expense records are required for all University licensed vehicles (including owned or leased or donated vehicles). All vehicle repairs are to be performed at University Fleet Management or designated service provider. Vehicle repairs performed at University Fleet Management, or charged to the vehicles Voyager credit card, or payments processed through University Fleet Management are automatically recorded in the University Fleet Management system. All payments for work performed by contractual vendors must be processed by University Fleet Management. Vehicle maintenance and repairs (including installation of special equipment or accessories) performed by department staff with payment for parts or equipment processed by the responsible department are to be entered at:


Maintenance and/or repairs estimated to cost more than $100.00 require pre-approval from University Fleet Management by calling (402) 472-7937 or 472-2422 or outside the Lincoln calling area (800) 332-0655. After hours within the Lincoln calling area, call the University operator (402) 472-7211 for connection with the proper individual. After hours outside the Lincoln calling area, call (800) 332-0265 for connection with the proper individual.

Failure to secure approval for expenditures over $100.00 from the department responsible for the vehicles operating expense may result in the entire cost of repair being charged to the using department or other corrective actions.


University Fleet Management maintains a complete service and repair facility at 1931 N. Antelope Valley Parkway, Lincoln NE, call (402) 472-7937 to schedule service/maintenance/repair. All service, maintenance, and repair of University vehicles in the Lincoln area should be performed at this facility.

University Fleet Management maintains a service provider listing for vehicle repair outside the Lincoln area, please coordinate the maintenance and repair with the University Fleet Management shop to assure comprehensive use of contracted service providers, warranty, benefit of available discounts and quality repair. Please call University Fleet Management shop direct (402) 472-7937 or (800) 332-0655 for connection with the appropriate area for coordination and determination on whether to return the vehicle to University Fleet Management for repair or have repair completed at a contracted commercial facility.