Vehicles may be rented from University Fleet Management daily (less than 30 days) or long term (permanent/monthly rental - 30 days or more). University Fleet Management rental rates cover all normal operating, repair, and maintenance expenses. Rental rates do not include the cost of fuel. The fuel cost is charged back to the renting department. Rental rates may be adjusted from time to time depending upon the operational cost and/or vehicle acquisition cost. Long term rentals are available for dispatch only during normal business hours.

Rental vehicles may be requested on-line at by entering the department/requestor information, pick up location, inclusive dates/times of use, vehicle type/rate/intended use/destination, and vehicle drivers.

When renting outside Lincoln, Private rental vehicles are available using the preferred Big Ten Rental Car provider National Rent-A-Car or Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Visit this link to make a reservation, enroll in the Emerald Club for additional rewards and services, and view rental rates. University of Nebraska drivers should contact their campus travel office for direct bill authorization. Direct bill reservations originating in Lincoln NE must be requested through University Fleet Management and will only be honored if a University vehicle is not available.

Note: Rental requests submitted after hours may not be processed until the next business day and only the selected driver(s) will be allowed to pick up the vehicle (unless selected as a driver, the person submitting the rental is not allowed to pick up the vehicle).

The requestor and drivers will automatically receive a reservation confirmation email as soon as the request has been processed. It is recommended that requests for rental vehicle(s) be made as early as possible. The following information is required when requesting a vehicle.

Note: RSO (Recognized Student Organization) rental requests require final approval by the Student Involvement office. RSO rental request can be submitted no sooner than 15 business days prior to planed start of travel, but must be submitted at least 2 business days prior to start of travel.

  1. Cost Object (Cost center or WBS element) to be charged
  2. Department Identification (campus zip code)
  3. Requestor name and contact information
  4. Name of driver(s)
  5. Destination
  6. Date and time vehicle is desired
  7. Return time and date
  8. City or East Campus pickup and return

Click here for Authorized Drivers
Click here to Request Driver Authorization

Vehicle rental reservations must be cancelled at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled pickup time. Daily rental reservations cancelled less than twenty-four hours are subject to a minimum one-day rental charge. Vehicles will be held a maximum of four (4) hours after the initial requested pick up time unless a revised pickup time has been relayed to the dispatcher.

Failure to pick up (no-show) vehicles scheduled for dispatch Sunday – Thursday, will be billed a minimum one day rental. Failure to pick up vehicles scheduled for dispatch Friday, Saturday, or during scheduled University closure (holiday closure) will be billed from the scheduled dispatch date/time – scheduled return date/time or the first University business day (whichever is less). Monthly rental vehicles not picked up are subject to a minimum one month rental charge.

Dispatch of long term/permanent/monthly rental vehicles is available only on City campus during normal business hours. The dispatcher will assist the driver in signing the rental agreement; explain end-of-month mileage entry, and general use of University vehicles.

Daily rental dispatch is automated, available 24/7 and is completed by the following process.

  1. Using keycard access (all authorized drivers have Ncard access to University Fleet Management lobby), enter University Fleet Management lobby to access the dispatch KEYOSK (key control cabinet).
  2. Using the on the Keyosk, follow these prompts.
    1. Touch anywhere on the screen to wake the machine.
    2. Touch “Take.”
    3. Place your driver’s license with your photo facing you (barcode facing camera) in license scanning slot. Touch “Scan.”
      Tip: The machine may perform better if the license is placed upside down, and the license is pressed lightly against the glass.
    4. While license is being scanned, read the Self-serve Key Dispatch System agreement adjacent to the Keyosk.
      Note: By removing keys for a University vehicle from the key dispatch system, you acknowledge you have read, understand, and agree to the Self-serve Key Dispatch System agreement.
    5. When the screen prompts you to do so, you may remove your license from the scanner.
    6. The screen will ask you to verify your name. Touch “Confirm” if the name displayed is your name.
    7. Next, your driver license number will be displayed. If the license number matches exactly press “Confirm”. If the license does not match, Touch “Cancel.”
      Note: If the scanner reads your license incorrectly, scan the front of your license with your name and photo. The machine will then attempt to verify your name and license number again. If the machine encounters an error here, then a keyboard will be displayed to type your license number. The license number must match exactly in order to identify which reservation record to access. Only drivers listed on the reservation are allowed to dispatch (check out) the vehicle.
    8. After the system finds your reservation, it will display the vehicle unit number, scheduled pick up date/time and return date/time, press “Confirm” to continue.
    9. Next the system will prompt you to inspect the vehicle for damage prior to driving, press “Confirm” to continue.
    10. A door will pop open, take the keys & credit card, & close the door firmly. University Fleet Management Dispatch will be sent an email with driver’s name, and date/time the keys were picked up.
    11. Prior to beginning travel, walk around the vehicle and inspect it for damage. If damage is discovered, return to the Transportation Lobby, note the damage on a damage report form and place it the drop box (box 33, below the Keyosk).
    12. Remember to fill in all the fields on the mileage log, including the start odometer reading & date/time. Note: Mileage log folders and mileage logs must remain in assigned vehicle.  
    13. If any other error occurs, pick up the white phone on the box to be connected to someone who can assist you.

Vehicles will be dispatched as requested unless unforeseen circumstances arise. During normal business hours, if circumstances preclude fulfilling a request that has been accepted, University Fleet Management will notify the individual requesting the vehicle at once so that other arrangements can be made. Note that in rare instances after normal business hours, if the prior vehicle renter does not return a vehicle as scheduled, the requested vehicle may not be available.

Please complete the following steps when returning a vehicle to University Fleet Management.

  1. Always return your vehicle to the campus you picked it up from.
  2. Drive the vehicle to the fuel pumps.
  3. Shut the vehicle off and complete the vehicle mileage log.
    Note: Remember or write your ending odometer for the return process at the Keyosk.
  4. Refuel the vehicle using the Voyager credit card assigned to the vehicle.
  5. After refueling, park the vehicle in an available parking stall at University Fleet Management City Campus or East Campus location.
  6. Leave mileage log inside vehicle. Roll up all windows, turn off all lights, remove all personal items & trash, and lock all doors.  Note: Mileage log folders and mileage logs must remain in assigned vehicle.
  7. Take the keys and credit card University Fleet Management lobby. University Fleet Management lobby doors use Key Card access, which is granted to all authorized drivers through their Ncard.
  8. For daily rental vehicles, use the Keyosk to return.
    1. Touch anywhere on the screen to wake the machine. Touch “Return.”
    2. Enter the 3 digit vehicle unit number (found on brass tag) & touch “OK.”
    3. If you have removed all trash and personal items, touch “Yes.”
    4. If you have refueled your car completely, touch “Yes.”
    5. Enter odometer reading (no tenths) & touch “OK.”
    6. A box will pop open to place keys, or you will be instructed to place keys in the drop box (box 33 below the Keyosk). Place the keys in the correct location, and close the door to the Keyosk firmly.

Return of long term/permanent/monthly rental vehicles.

When returning a monthly/permanently assigned vehicle, please advise the dispatcher of the termination of the permanent assignment, and verify that the dispatcher has all the pertinent information about the vehicle. Monthly rental vehicles can be returned only at University Fleet Management City Campus location.

Note: By contacting University Fleet Management Dispatch during normal business hours, monthly/permanently assigned vehicles may be scheduled for return after working hours. Dispatch will provide an access code and instructions to return the vehicle in the KEYOSK system. The drop box can only be accessed through the KEYOSK, and the key(s) & credit card must be returned.

University Fleet Management has the authority to recall and assign all vehicles owned by University Fleet Management.

Please make any requests, for interdepartmental exchange of vehicles with the University Fleet Management dispatcher, so that appropriate record changes can be made.