Ownership of University Vehicles

Last Revised: 
April 17, 2019

University Fleet Management is responsible for the procurement and management of all vehicles purchased or leased by or gifted to the University of Nebraska. University Fleet Management is solely authorized to license, title, assign ownership and remarket all vehicle types including but not limited to: sedans, vans, sport utility vehicles, buses, pickups, trucks, motorcycles, ATV’s, UTV’s, and trailers. Ownership of all passenger vehicles is restricted to University Fleet Management. Passenger vehicles are sub-compact sedans, compact sedans, intermediate sedans, full size sedans, station wagons, minivans, mid and full sized vans, sport utility vehicles of all sizes, crew-cab pickups and passenger buses. University Fleet Management may authorize departmental ownership of passenger vehicle(s) in the following special circumstances:

  • The cost of acquisition and/or usage of the vehicle(s) is likely to exceed the normal cost of operation and rental for the department. (Police patrol vehicles, large passenger buses, crew-cab pickups, and some full-size 4x4 SUV’s when used as utility vehicles)
  • The usage requires alteration or intentional damage to the vehicle and/or the altered vehicle will not be used for faculty or staff travel
  • Regular cab/extended cab pickups, trucks, utility vans, and ATV/UTV’s are not considered passenger vehicles