Out of State Travel and Travel Authorization

A University of Nebraska vehicle may be used for out of state travel if the department head determines it is more economical than public transportation. The USBank Voyager credit card is valid at most service stations throughout the United States. Merchants accepting the USBank Voyager credit card can be located at the following link. https://www.fleetcommanderonline.com/app/public/merchantLocator.do

Requests for USBank Voyager credit cards should be submitted to transcharge@unl.edu or autorental@unl.edu

All University policies pertaining to vehicle travel are applicable when traveling in other states.

Out of State Travel Pre- Trip Authorization must be obtained via Automated Travel or Pre- Trip Request Form.

The new University of Nebraska Travel Policy is effective September 24, 2018. The full travel policy can be viewed here. If you have questions, please contact us at travel@unl.edu or 472-2881.