Each vehicle is assigned a specific Voyager Fuel Credit Card. The card is unique to each vehicle and must remain with the assigned vehicle. The credit card may be used only for purchases for the vehicle to which the card is assigned.

NOTE: Point of sale is preferred when using the Voyager Fuel Credit Card. The nationally accepted Voyager card provides fuel discounts, and federal tax exemption to the University. Vehicle fuel paid with a personal credit card may not be a reimbursable travel expense. The Voyager Fuel Credit Card can be used at point of sale pumps when they are available.

Present the Voyager credit card to the vendor prior to purchases with the exception of point of sale purchases, to ensure acceptance of the card.

If point of sale is not available, or it is a non-fuel transaction, it is the driver's responsibility to see that the sales slip/invoice (if applicable) is completed and signed at the time the service is performed.

Misuse of the credit card and unauthorized charges will be reported to the department head of the user department for appropriate actions. The department and/or the individual will be responsible for all unauthorized charges.

If point of sale is not utilized, please do not sign gasoline charge slips unless it is regular credit slip form used by the oil company represented by the vendor. Please be sure the following information is clearly shown on the charge slips:

  1. The vendor's name, address and name of company represented.
  2. The date and time of purchase, Voyager credit card number, the amount/gallons purchased and cost of each item.


  1. Check oil level in crankcase (add oil only if level is at the "add" mark).
  2. Usually check tires for proper inflation.

    If tire air pressure is low,
    check and/or inflate to recommended pressure printed on vehicle door post
  1. Clean exterior windows if necessary.