Creating, sending, reviewing text messages or e-mail, accessing the internet for any purpose, electronic gaming and reading any printed materials on an electronic device or in paper form are not permitted while operating a University motor vehicle on University business. Drivers must find a safe location to pull over and stop before attempting these actions.

As provided in Nebraska state law, the prohibition does not apply to:

  • A person performing his or her official duties as a law enforcement officer, a firefighter, an ambulance driver, or an emergency medical technician; or
  • A person operating a motor vehicle in an emergency situation.

Failure to comply with this policy will result in an immediate removal of the driver’s authorization to drive a University motor vehicle (for a minimum of 12 months) and may subject the driver to other potential disciplinary actions, up to and including termination of employment.

In order to have driving authorization reinstated for violating this policy, the faculty/staff/student must have an acceptable driving record, and at the drivers’ expense, demonstrate completion of the National Traffic Safety Institute Distracted Driver Online Course. Proof of course completion must be provided to University Fleet Management along with an up-to-date annual drivers’ agreement

A copy of the Nebraska statute 60-6,179.01 can be accessed here. The UNL's Authorized Drive Policy can be found here.