Authorized Uses of University Vehicles

Use of University vehicles is limited to University business only, including: 

1. Travel between the place where the University vehicle is dispatched and the place where official University business is performed.
2. When on official travel status, between the place of University business and the place of temporary lodging.
3. When on official travel status and not within reasonable walking distance, between either of the above places and places to obtain meals; places to obtain medical assistance (including drugstores); and other places required to sustain the health, welfare or continued efficient performance of the driver, exclusive of places of entertainment.
4. Transport of other officers, employees or guests of the University when they are on official University business. Including special use programs sponsored by the University of Nebraska - safe ride, after hours transport, Police transport, etc.   
5. Transport of consultants, contractors or commercial firm representatives when such transport is in the direct interest of the University.
6. Travel between the place of dispatch and place of performance of University business to a driver's personal residence when specifically authorized by the proper University authority. Commuting – There may be situations where the best interest of the University is served by having the driver retain possession of the vehicle during non-duty periods and authorization to do so should be cleared with the department head and University Fleet Management Director.
7. Out-of-state travel when specifically authorized in advance according to college or department policy.