The following individuals qualify as authorized passengers in University owned vehicles.

  1. Employees and emeriti staff members of the University of Nebraska
  2. Members of the Board of Regents
  3. Members of an official University committee approved by the chancellor’s office to travel on University business
  4. Individuals on special assignment who have received approval from a dean/director or higher
  5. Transport of other officers, employees or guests of the University when they are on official University of Nebraska business. Including special use programs sponsored by the University of Nebraska – safe ride, after hours transport, Police transport, etc.
  6. University of Nebraska students traveling on official University business
    1. Student trip insurance is required for all students traveling in university vehicles.
    2. When University students will be traveling in University of Nebraska vehicles, an additional completed “Student Trip Form” must be submitted to University Risk Management and University Fleet Management prior to release of the vehicle.